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Liberty Area Soccer Club (LASC) is a member of the East Lake Houston Youth Soccer Association (ELHYSA) in affiliation with South Texas Youth Soccer Association (STYSA), a division of US Youth Soccer.  Non-profit status for LASC was granted August 8, 2013.  

  1. Purpose: The purpose of LASC is to nurture children and young adults in their development both as athletes and as people.  We emphasize a fun atmosphere combined with learning the game of soccer.  
  2. Mission: The mission of LASC is to teach good sportsmanship and the game of soccer in order to develop physical fitness, mental alertness, and leadership.
  3. Vision: We help our soccer players grow and mature by giving them opportunities to learn new skills and meet new challenges. Successes are praised while mistakes are corrected with discretion, patience, and a positive attitude. Every youngster, regardless of skill level, is valued as a person and is readily accepted as a contributing member of the team. We conduct our practices and our games to show respect for both the needs of the individual and the needs of the team.  

Our Home Field


Our home field is located at Liberty Municipal Park, 501 Revinson Dr, Liberty, TX 77575

Business Office (mailing) Location:

Liberty ISD Administration Building

1600 Grand Ave, Liberty, TX 77575

The Seasons


We offer a fall and spring season for boys and girls. Serving Anahuac, Devers, Hull-Daisetta, Hardin, West Hardin & Liberty Areas.

Age Divisions

Age Division Rules


U6 Divison

Dribbling; Shooting; Balance; Running; Jumping; Movement education.

U6 Rules

U8 Division

Ball lifting & juggling; block tackle; receiving ground balls with the inside & sole of the foot; shoot with inside of the foot; toe pass & shot; introduce the push pass; throw-in; agility; eye-foot & eye-hand coordination; movement education.

U8 Rules

U10 Division

Range of motion flexibility; running with the ball; passing; instep drive; receiving ground balls with the instep & outside of foot; receiving bouncing balls with instep (cushion) and sole or inside or outside of foot (wedge); fakes in dribbling; introduce heading & crossing. FOR GOALKEEPERS - ready stance; how to hold ball after save; diamond grip; catching shots at the keeper; putting & introduction to goal kicks & throwing.

U10 Rules

U12 Division

Feints with the ball; receiving bouncing & air balls with the thigh & chest; heading to score goals & for clearances while standing or jumping; outside of foot pass; bending shots; crossing to the near post space & the penalty spot space; heel passl flick passl introduce chipping to pass; introduce half volley & volley shooting; introduce slide tackle. FOR GOALKEEPERS: footwork; W grip; bowling; low dives & forward diving; angle play; near post play; introduce introduction deflecting & boxing; sidewinder kick.

U12 Rules

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Liberty Area Soccer Club

501 Revinson Dr, Liberty, TX 77575

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